Its Tiger time - Try new Bakels Tiger Paste for superb tiger pattern, flavour and crunch
Group 1
Bakers Strong Flour
Total Weight: 8.370
  1. Place all ingredients in a spiral mixer, mix for 6 minutes on 1st speed, then 7 - 9 minutes on high speed until dough has fully developed.
  2. Finished dough temperature should be 26 c.
  3. Bulk fermentation for 60 minutes at room temperature in oiled container (Cover container with lid or plastic.
  4. Scale at 550g, mould slightly and place in a well floured-round or rectangular proving baskets.
  5. Dry prove for 45-55 minutes on a covered rack.
  6. Pre heat oven to 230 c
  7. Tip bread on baking trays and place bread in oven (steam), reduce the oven temperature to 210c, continue baking for approx 30-35 minutes.
  8. Open the damper / vent after 15 minutes.