Sponge Make either Plain Sponge or Chocolate Sponge batter using PETTINA SPONGE SUPREME (recipe R303a) or PETTINA CHCOLATE SPONGE SUPREME respectively (recipe R304a). Deposit 700g of sponge batter per tray. Bake sponge at 218¡C (425¡F) for 5-6 minutes. Allow to cool then cut sponge in half. Cheesecake Filling Make PETTINA CLASSIC CHEESECAKE using recipe R608a Set aside half (1kg) of the cheesecake mix to use as the topping (Plain Cheesecake mix) To the remaining 1kg mix in either a) 300g BAKELS CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE (optional add chocolate chips) b) 300g BAKELS HAZELNUT TRUFFLE c) 150g BAKELS STRAWBERRY FILLING d) 150g BAKELS APRICOT FILLING (or any other Fruit Filling) á NB: Any of these fillings can be used in a sponge roll. Assembling Slice Place one half of the sponge on a tray. Spread Flavoured Cheesecake mix evenly over sponge Place second half of the sponge on top of the Cheesecake mix. Spread Plain Cheesecake mix over the top layer of sponge. Decorate with grated Chockex and White Chocolate or dusting sugar.