Gold Label baking mixes

New Bakels Gold Label Baking Mixes have been made using a selection of the finest ingredients for perfect baking every time.

Salted Lava Cake   3876-30 4kg

salted Caramel Lava Cake (Custom)The taste sensation of Salted Caramel has come to Lava cakes.

Bakels new Salted Caramel Lava Cakes are a new twist on the Lava Cake sensation thats already taken the country by storm, whilst building on the worldwide flavour trend of Salted Caramel.

Once baked your customers simply take the Lava cakes home and microwave for 20 seconds to get the rich gooey self saucing centre to flow. 

Bakels Lava cakes are easy to make, just add water and oil, then bake in muffin or friand tins.

Click on the below to take you to the product recipe and Specifications page.

Bakels Moist Chocolate Cake  

emu cake mud AB (2) (Custom)3872-51  15kg

Bakels Moist Chocolate Cake mix delivers a delicious moist soft and extra chocolately cake everytime.

This is an indulgent chocolate cake where the finest quality is required. 

Easily prepared with water, oil and eggs for a versatile and deliciously moist chocolate cake.

Click on the following for recipe and product specifications;

Bakels Popping Choc Truffle

Popping Choc Truffle Cupcake_POS (Medium) (Custom) (2)5384 - 40  6kg Pail

Popping Candy in chocolate truffle is a new taste sensation.

Use wherever you currently use chocolate icing to add another dimension to your baking. It's an extremely versatile product. Melt and pour, whip and pipe onto multiple chocolate wonders that your customers will love.

tincol (Custom) (2) (Custom)

Bakels Tincol Spray  

1332 - 10   500g aerosol can 

Your favourite Tincol Bread release agent is now available in a convenient aerosol can. 

Tincol is a versatile tin and dough greasing emulsion to ensure clean tin and tray release.

Bakels Bubble Gum Cake mix

Bubble Gum Cake web3828-51  15 kg bag

Bakels Bubble Gum Cake is the new cake sensation that's sure to get noticed and enjoyed.

From its distinctive blue colour to the delicious bubble gum flavour, this cake brings innovation and interest to your bakery.

There's no limit to the format of the Bubble Gum cake. Fantastic as a birthday cake or make into cup cakes, squares or rounds. Ice to highlight the blue.

turkish-toppingBakels Turkish Topping

7350-40  5kg

Bakels Turkish Topping is a dark, oily paste with seeds for any continental style bread.  Containing sesame seeds, cumin seeds, garlic and dill it's a perfect topping to add a hit of flavour.

Diamond glaze

Bakels Diamond Glaze All Round

3469-40  5.5kg Pail

Bakels new All Round Diamond Glaze is an easy to use, shelf stable glaze with an excellent glossy shine.  This product is also great for pouring over Bakels Fruit Fillings. The glaze holds the filling in place and prevents run off from the top of tortes, flans, tarts, cheesecakes etc.

Try adding Bakels Flavouring pastes to add colour and taste for a brilliant result.

Contact your local Bakery Advisor for a demonstration.

red-velvet-mixBakels Red Velvet Cake Mix

3861-51 15kg bag

Bakels RTU Cream Cheese Icing

4209-30 5kg pail

Bakels Red Velvet Cake is a rich, moist, smooth mix for the easy preparation of Red Velvet Cakes or Cupcakes.  With just the addition of water and oil, Red Velvet Cake is becoming more and more popular in commercial bakeries.  This cake is best finished off with Cream Cheese Icing.  Try Bakels RTU (ready to use) Cream Cheese Icing to decorate this beautiful rich cake. 

Bakels RTR (Ready to Roll) Coloured Icing Range - New Colours    

4.5kg (6 x 750g) packets

RTR Yellow 4207-30 - 4.5kg
RTR Orange 4208-30 - 4.5kg
RTR Blue 4236-30 - 4.5kg
RTR Pink 4237-30 - 4.5kg
RTR Purple 4238-30 - 4.5kg

new group (Small)

Bakels Pettinice RTR Multipack 

4239 - 30

Bakels has launched new colours in the RTR Icing Range.  These brightly coloured icings are ready to roll for use.

Now all your favourite colours are in one 4 x 120g pack.

Red, Blue, Yellow and Black


Bakels Easy Whip


4270-30 - 4kg Bag

Bakels Easy Whip is a multi purpose whipping cream ideal when used in cakes, instant topping and dessert production.  With the addition of Bakels flavouring pastes and essences it has the ability to hold and be stable for a wide range of applications. 

For a creamier flavour simply substitute chilled water for chilled milk and add flavours and colours as desired - how simple is that!